Service to Others

Coming off of an extended closure for many staff and students, it is time to think about serving others. The concept of Service to Others works in tandem with the priority goal of Mental Health.

We have a responsibility to teach the importance of service to others as a school system. Investing in others with the expectation of nothing in return is powerful and healthy. Students and staff are encouraged to volunteer to help others in settings beyond the classroom. School closures taught us all many things, including the importance of human interaction and connections. Service to others will improve mental health for those providing and those receiving assistance.

Key Strategies - Service to Others

  • Expand parent support and education (e.g. host language accessible informational nights, workshops, increase language-line usage, pilot parent ambassador program).

  • Encourage sites to identify service opportunities.

  • Implement the State Seal of Civic Engagement for high school students.

  • Expand parent support and education through language accessible workshops, language services, proactive outreach, and digital resources.

  • Partner with YCS to provide expanded community opportunities for students.