Healthy Attendance

Healthy Attendance is a way of clarifying we want everyone to attend when they are healthy and able to be with us safely.

Key Strategies - Healthy Attendance

  • Reiterate that ill students and staff members should stay home.

  • Disseminate and provide support for the implementation of strategies outlined in Identifying and Responding to Student Engagement tiered-response protocol.

  • Utilize the PAUSD Attendance Flow Chart to systematically address attendance concerns.

  • Implement attendance interventions consistent with Identifying and Responding to Student Engagement and the PAUSD Attendance Flow Chart.

  • Conduct outreach to identified students and families to determine barriers to attendance.

  • Provide parent education on the importance of attendance.

  • Assign Student Success Coaches to students with significant attendance concerns (Tier 3).

  • Develop individualized attendance improvement plans for students who are chronically absent.

How will we measure progress? (Key Performance Indicators)

  • School sites properly coding students’ absences for consistency and compliance.

  • School sites servicing students and their families based on chronic absenteeism or habitual truancy needs.

  • Weekly attendance reports and follow-through with students and parents regarding absenteeism patterns will help to increase attendance.

  • Recognizing students for improved attendance.

  • Monthly meetings with school site attendance personnel to calibrate the tiered system for improving attendance.