District Office Operations

Align with industry standard protocols and practices to maintain efficient, intuitive, well-paced, compliant, and fiscally responsible management of District operations.

How will we measure progress? (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Increase performance indicators through Orgametrics alignment scores.
  • Maintain healthy fund balances at least three years into the future.


Optimize use of resources to support student development and ensure robust long-term plans for physical and financial capacity through prudent stewardship of resources.

Key Strategies

  • Develop a Comprehensive Facility Master Plan approach for future projects.
  • Prioritize Measure Z school facilities bond projects.
  • Prepare and publish a “Principals’ Handbook for Business Services Departments.”
  • Convene a Finance Advisory Committee, consisting of community members, as well as certificated, classified, and management staff.


Engender trust with the community through frequent, clear, transparent, and varied communication.

Key Strategies

  • Refresh District, schools, and intranet websites.
  • Launch single sign-on for parents.
  • Complete our Let’s Talk! implementation.
  • Hold a "State of the District" address.
  • Design and establish training materials for major messaging platforms.

Human Resources

Attract, develop, and retain best-in-class talent.

Key Strategies

  • Reorganize and align senior and middle management.
  • Host PAUSD recruitment events.
  • Explore the adoption/creation of evaluation systems that establish high expectations, evidence-based feedback, and growth opportunities (including coaching) for all staff members.
  • Establish and monitor integrated position control system.
  • Revise and streamline processes for onboarding new employees.
  • Secure commitments for future employee housing options.

Data-Influenced Decisions

Identify impactful metrics, measure outcomes, and interpret data to inform decisions aligned with priority items.

Key Strategies

  • Create a calendar for annual data reporting to the Board and sites.
  • Conduct qualitative data collection and analysis to support key strategies in this plan.
  • Establish evaluation practices and monitor District initiatives.
  • Identify a new vendor and launch a data dashboard system for staff.
  • Create a public version of the data dashboard.

Innovation & Agility

Assemble flexible teams to innovate and pilot ideas at the levels closest to our students.

Key Strategies

  • Assess needs and build systematic support for staff innovation that allows creative ideas to be implemented.
  • Collect early feedback from flexible teams, adapting as needed, and institute systematic support for staff innovation using an Agile/Scrum structure.
  • Develop structure to improve operations and increase the value added by identifying criteria and strategies for adapting Agile/Scrum methodology on a large scale.

Leadership Capacity

Foster and grow internal leadership capacity from every position to broaden decision-making base and share ownership of priority goals.

Key Strategies

  • Determine PAUSD alignment to established goals.
  • Create Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council at high school level.
  • Create Superintendent’s Staff Advisory Council.
  • Establish and facilitate Leadership Institute for staff members.

Succession Planning

Purposefully identify and develop high-potential transformational leaders to guide the future of PAUSD.

Key Strategies

  • Create regular capacity-building opportunities for assistant principals.
  • Create Principal’s Academy.
  • Create an internal administrative Tier 2 program.
  • Develop apprenticeships for aspiring management.